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Causio wrote:

topstuff wrote:

I really don't think it will be long before you can get very close. Fast lenses in m4/3 are coming and decent 3200 ISO is'nt far off either.

Still, those images can't be taken with a small camera - today. And consider phase-shift AF... you need a mirror for that. You think the contrast detection AF will ever get there? cameras like 1D and D3-4 are light years ahead of any m4/3 standard in that sense. In 10 years from now? The phase shift AF is still improving..Moreover, DOF and perspective simply can't physically be the same. You want a FF mirrorless? The bigger part of the package will be the lens anyway....

Hi Luc there's a couple of points here...

Nikon one is Phase detect AF without a mirror and according to Nikon AF was even faster than the D3s, tracking might be a different story (for now) but if there's enough need then it will be made to work.

As for FF mirrorless lens size, have you looked at Leica (and other M mount) lenses? That hasn't been an issue for decades...

The current m4/3 standard is getting closer but will never get there, Panasonic & co should do something about sport, BIF, wedding, fashion, a way to add a better AF system.... for anything that moves continuously the dSLRs will always have the edge anyway - til their market share will become too low for massive production.

I think that's exactly what they are doing as Nikon and Sony are beating them in different ways - the new Olympus looks like it's getting closer, can't wait for real reviews of that.


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