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That's because mac is the first one with the thunderbolt connection. There will be also a version for windows pc's and then it'll take off.

A lot of storage might come in handy. I have also a lot of storage and it's very welcome. Yes, raid 5 and 6 is very'll cost you some space but it'll save you in the end when disks start to die on you.

An image of your install might also be a good idea. Some image software can put back complete installs faster then raid 5 or 6 can heal itself! Also goes for backups, of course.

But, we have to wait for mid summer, when the new motherboards and processors are released. Then we should see more thunderbolt like stuff comming to the market.

dresner wrote:

Actually, the Promise is part of an over all local storage scheme I'm thinking about when I get an iMac sometime this year. I have used RAID boxes before for stooge and I find them to be excellent. I use a Synology 5 bay NAS at my office for many reasons and when 2 of the drives died at the same time, the RAID 6 saved all my data, kept things going while I got the new drives installed and the partition was rebuilt.

I do wish there were other options on the market for Thunderbolt storage, but it seems that everyone is dragging their feet to release devices. Yea, we can all argue up and down why...but I do believe USB3 and TB will compliment each other.

Lets not go off topic This thread has become very interesting!!!

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