5Pointz and new NEX7

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Re: 5Pointz and new NEX7

What mode did you shoot in? Was this also in raw? awesome photos!

jafleming3 wrote:

Just got to use it yesterday. Very feature-rich, but simple to use (once you get the hang of it). Very well built, light, small and discrete (but not pocketable). Sold my Nikon D700 + pro lenses (too big, too heavy), and am glad. This is one awesome camera.

I was torn between the N5 and the 7 and decided to wait (happy about that!). The main selling point was the built-in viewfinder. Camera of the year awards and rave reviews didn't hurt either. Many camera stores were recommending the MFT (Olympus), but I much prefer the larger sensor.

Many complained about limited lens choice. Not a problem for me. I have the Zeiss 24mm (the photos below were taken with it), and the Sony 18-200mm (not a very large or heavy lens) - both are awesome lenses and fit me needs fully. The only other lens I'd like is a 60mm macro (the 30mm is too short).

Nits? I'd like to be able to disable to movie button - I've accidentally set it off twice already. And, I'd like to be able to completely silence the shutter (even though the click is not loud). Minor stuff, really.

These are my first shots with the 7. Hope you like..


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