Canon rumors says the 5D3 will be around $3500 at launch...thoughts?

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Re: the reason..

Who cares. I spend my money I see fit. Period.

RedFox88 wrote:

Steven-T wrote:

what Canon is thinking? The new 24/2.8IS, . . . lenses costs more than twice the current non-IS outdated lenses. All those updated latest greatest lenses cost so much more.

But the reason those old lenses cost what they do or did is that they are so old. All they've had to do was manufacture them for many years with no additional costs in involved so they could sell them for those prices. Add IS and update the design, which requires R&D, and the lenses will need to cost more to recover R&D and updated design characteristics. Do you expect a new car model to be the same price as last year's? Well really we're talking about a 2012 model vs. a say 1995 model. Which should cost more? The 2012 or 1995?

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