How to rationalize a M9

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Justbob and othsrs

Have already hit the main points pretty well. I will add two things: first, if your idea of testing whether you made the right choice or not involves blowing up files and pronouncing the sharpness of the disembodied pixels therein, save yourself some grief and order a d800e. An m9 produces superb files, way out of the league of a 7d, but its unsupportable to expect that it wont be surpassed in various file iq respects within the next couple of years if not months.

The second point is that imo the best reason to choose an m9 is not for some iq prize but simply because of the way it lets you work. There is no other ff digital rf in the world. If you want to use classic lenses in a classic way with a compact, responsice rf, there is simply no other choice. This is what will keep me happy to use an m9 in the face of d800's and nex7's and all the rest.

Having said that, the m9 isnt perfect and i would be very pleased to get qn improvment on it that still lets me work the way i want to work.

It is almost impossible to tell in advance if someone will take to rf shooting or not. Many do not, perhaps cannot even see the point of it. But what is certain, is thqt it will be an experience, and it may be like a light going on for you, as it is for many of us.

You can always sell your kit at a fairly modest loss if it isnt for you.

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