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Re: K-01 Viewfinder

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Najinsky, maybe you are right. Maybe Pentax choose to not have a VF on the K01 in order to not compete with their own DSLR. That is quite possibly actually.

Could be, but the trouble with that is that a company that refuses to compete with its own products never stops another from doing it. Surely it's better to cannibalise sales of your own product than let someone else do it.

Also, the other thing that undermines the "cannibalisation" argument for me is that I believe that mirrorless cameras are more profitable than DSLRs in general, and therefore even if a company sells one instead of their own DSLR model they gain more than they lose.

So far the mirrorless systems (not counting the Sony SLT) are not intended to be replacements for DSLR systems, and the SLT itself seems more like a temporary compromise than a long term solution. Yet I believe the SLR is in the autumn of its life and size is not the only thing limiting it. Perhaps Pentax's latest effort is the start of a true replacement?

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