Mostly Free and Unique Photo Imaging Programs here

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Ben Herrmann
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Mostly Free and Unique Photo Imaging Programs here

I posted this as a reply to anothet thread and got alot of responses, so I thought to post it as a separate thread. Let's keep this thread going because I believe it will prove beneficial to alot of folks.

Many of us with digital cameras - in particular Fuji S2 Pro - are interested in finding out about different types of post processing software. Granted, we've been deluged with countless references to, along with hints and tips about "big boy" products such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Nikon Capture, Bibble, Paint Shop Pro, Photo Impact, and so on.

What I have found, however, is there is a wealth of information out there on free downloads or very inexpensive shareware photo processing programs that give the big boys a huge run for their money. I am posting the following information for all of you.

By the same token, place your posting here on what you think, and even better...list a program that you've found and the URL where it can be gotten to help all of us out. This may prove wonderful to many of us who have blown our wad on D100's and associated equipment.

1. A superb Image Editor Program called Photo Brush 2.0 from Media Chance does 75% or more of what Photo Shop 7.0 does, but it only costs $38.00. I tend to use it more often than not and I am continually amazed at what it can do. Here's the link to find the program. Remember, look for Photo Brush 2.0.

2. The next Image Editor is called "XnView," and it too is ideal. The great thing about this program is that it's free and available by pointing your browser to:

3. The next Image Editor is both free and shareware. It is superb, especially if you get the Pro version. It's called "Image Forge," and you can get it by going directly to:

4. The next Image Editor is so unique, it's hard to explain. It's called ImageN and rather than bring up a huge program screen when you double click on it, ImageN centers an image of a camera on the center of your computer screen. Then you just place your cursor over the image and right click to choose a wide variety of menu options. Again, this is totally free and you'll find it intriguing. You can get it at:

5. Another superb Image Editor - and free at that - is 20/20. And similar to ImageN, when you double click on the icon, 20/20 just places a menu tool at the top of your page. From there you can open photos, etc. It is another superb tool. You can get it by going to:

6. The next Image Editor is called "Satori PhotoXL 2.29". You can get it as a free download at:

7. The next Image Editor is kind of neat - well, unique! It's free also and it's called "Pixia." Various language versions are available and the latest is Pixia version 2.5. Pixia has become a cult classic in Japan, where it originated. Go the web site and download whatever language version is best for you. It's at:

8. The next Image Editor - free - is called "Formati 11". You can get it as a free download at:

9. If you're looking for a free, yet functional graphics browser, try "Eyebrowser" by going to:

10. Another free image graphics browser called "Coffee Viewer Plus" can be found by going to:

Well, I could go on and on, so if you need to know of others, you can email me at: , or you could just visit my park website at: and wonder why in the hell I asked you to visit there - lol !!!


Da Benster

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