5D Mark II vs D800

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Teila Day
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Just a Photographer is generally correct

stany buyle wrote:

Just a Photographer wrote:

The pop-up flash of the D800 is totally useless for professionals anyway. Its one of the things that I will turn of immediately after unpacking. Never needed missed the popup flash on my 5D2

That's just an opinion which I respectfully disagree with.

The commander mode coupled to the D700 and D800 PUFlash is a way better system than yet another bulky accessory you had to buy with D3. Upto that, having a PUFlash for "in case" is great.

I think Just a Photographer is correct in pretty much everything in his/her post... and there probably isn't a professional photographer that doesn't know what was meant when he mentioned "The pop-up flash of the D800 is totally useless for professionals anyway..."

That, along with auto iso is one of the first things I would likely disable as well... especially the bright white focus assist light. It is true that most professional photographers using flash aren't likely to use the commander functions and all that other Nikon CLS stuff (been there, done that with my Nikons) as many (myself included) find it so much easier to use radio triggers and meter the lights w/hand meter.

Set up, meter the lights, done.

And few would agree with you that a pop up flash (no matter how advanced) is heads above a dedicated speed light. I'd take one of my old SB800 over the D800's (or D900 for that matter) pop up flash w/out a second thought.

A 60mp Hasselblad has a pop up flash too I think... and while a pop up flash can tame shadows during ambient shooting, it is in no way an optimal tool for most paid work, and neither is CLS... hence the posters initial comment making a lot of business sense!

... However you are correct when you say having a pu flash is great "just in case".

Teila K. Day

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