G1X SD Card Write Speed -- Photos

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Re: G1X SD Card Write Speed -- Photos

Don Ellis wrote:

Figuring a new camera might write faster, and therefore take advantage of faster cards, I bought a SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB SD card, with a 95MB/sec. rating. Then I went home and tested what I already owned.

Fortunately for testing purposes, the two other cards I had were both 16GB like the new one. I formatted each card in the G1X before using, set the G1X on Continuous shooting, and fired off 20 shots before clicking the stopwatch.

SanDisk Extreme Pro (95MB/s): 21 seconds.
SanDisk Extreme III (30MB/s): 21 seconds.
SanDisk: Ultra II (15MB/s): 22 seconds.

So, basically one second per shot, shooting RAW+Large JPG.

The only difference I saw with the slowest card was that the "Busy" bar appeared several times, but it still only took a second or two more to shoot 20 frames.

Note that this is a casual test, but I performed it three times on each card. Also note that video may benefit from higher-speed cards -- I didn't test video.

These results simply mean that the Canon G1x does not take any advantage whatsoever of any UHS SDHC or SDXC card. It also means that those "Class 4" Ultra IIs manufactured in early 2010 have a lower file-to-file latency (and therefore faster in multiple file transfers and sequential shooting) than most Class 6 and even some Class 10 cards. Sadly, the old Ultra II was replaced by an Ultra that's much slower in writes despite its "30 MB/s" speed claim and Class 6 rating.

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