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you are not though

The video is part of the sensor it doesnt get in the way of the camera working as a still camera. You can only say you "think" they are focused on video so much that they are not paying attention to the still quality. I disagree with this. I think video is just the byproduct of being in the market. The chip maker just says, what modes do you need for video, that has to get built into the chip. I really wonder if its taking time away from building the camera sensor. Thats the real question.

The high ISO area is growing by leaps and bounds still, so if you are in to stills, you should be thrilled, i mean thrilled. In 3 years, the cameras are materially different at high ISO. I personally think the dynamics are not improving much at all.

Regardless every camera made does video. Every single one. You do not have a choice at all anyways. The camera you have and the one you will have tomorrow will shoot video. I use my camera only for still too, but I just simply dont care about the video.

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