Wider aperture lenses for compact cameras?

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Leonard Migliore
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Re: Agreed

Alphoid wrote:

sherwoodpete wrote:

Why? Since the crop-factor of P&S cameras can be around 5x, a 1:1 macro would be taking shots requiring a 5:1 ratio on a DSLR ( or 3:1 on APS-C format).

That's the whole point. I could take photos of much smaller things than I can with a dSLR (at least without going for a microscope or other esoteric techniques). It would be the ultimate macro device.

You're probably aware of this but anytime you're doing 5:1 macro, it's pretty esoteric. Everything has to be extremely rigid unless you're using flash and you don't have any working distance or depth of field to speak of. But I like the idea too; I'd love to stick a Micro Nikkor on a Nikon 1.
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