What is the advantage of this "mirrorless" K01 over a regular size DSLR?

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Re: What is the advantage of this "mirrorless" K01 over a regular size DSLR

Richard Murdey wrote:

Rehabdoc wrote:

A NEX style solution with a simple adapter supplied with camera would have given it the current K01 functionality with a thinner body depth AND the option to sell a PDAF adapter (make it SLT or SLRT) for performance situations.

My suspicion is that they couldn't develop a cheap adapter solution with screw drive motor on it... But maybe they crunched the numbers and just decided that their future mirrorless ILC will either have this long long flange distance OR maybe even abandon K01 down the road when their REAL mirrorless ILC flagship system comes out.

1. The NEX system of adapters for E-to-A-mount is an expensive kludge, and the end result is pointless, borderline ridiculous.

I don't agree. The LA-EA2 adapter ($400) gives you full alpha SLT 77 ($1399) PDAF focusing performance and functionality for the NEX7, AND the adapter plus NEX 7 is actually about the same size as the SLT camera (remember the NEX7 has no viewfinder hump). Yes, you pay more than the SLT by itself, but you then have the option of the NEX7 without adapter for when you go street shooting.

It is not a kludge. And it is not that big (heck, the K01 is almost as big as the NEX7 with adapter)

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