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Re: Some comments on FT1

I see no problems what so ever. You set your camera in the menu for your shooting style and according to the situation where you are going to shoot and just go... it's so easy and quick to change ISO in the menu when you need, practically the same like with dedicated button and you don't do it too often anyway... remember during film days there was only one type of film in there and we worked with that OK...

and you probably don't need to change aperture at all, just shoot wide open and it will be alright because with a wide lens you still have enough depth of field, and no need to go smaller, while if you use a tele lens you want shallow depth of field anyway... but in order to change aperture you don't even need to go to the menu because there is that knob near your thumb... While the choice of lenses is exactly what any pro or tourist needs, of course, even brighter lenses would be better, but no one wants those big lenses on such a compact camera, and we just have to realize the rules of physics.

In general, the deeper depth of field from smaller sensor is an advantage in many situations including street - photojournalism style photography... And who needs to shoot video of that one episode longer than 20 min?? professional film makers don't shoot longer than 5 -10 min. The camera handles well, small enough and convenient. Most people here complain about various nonsenses while they should be reading manual of the camera and practicing practicing instead... This camera is suitable for professional journalism, and also is very good for the average Joe but he has to read the manual first and practice...

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