Wider aperture lenses for compact cameras?

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Re: Wider aperture lenses for compact cameras?

Oddrain wrote:

So should review sites like this one be doing more to raise awareness of the benefits of wide aperture lenses for compact cameras and pressurize manufacturers to push the max aperture specs in the same way they have pushed zoom range and megapixels?

I'm afraid that an increased awareness is not capable of changing the nature of the lenses fitted to small cameras. For the camera to remain small, it is obliged to have the wide aperture performance restricted to the wide angle end of the zoom, for example, like LX3, LX5. In fact, the wider the better (LX3/5 capable of 24mm equiv)....

... or, in other words, you can't have a long zoom that is also wide apertured and still have it compact enough to put in your pocket.

Of course, once you have decided to build a camera that need not be pocketable, then then you are into super-zoom country, and you might as well make the lens go as long as possible. The aperture will still be darned small at the long end, of course, but hey... it is very l-o-o-ong indeed!

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