Will we see a Super Rebel or Rebel X for Canon's 75th anniversary?

Started Feb 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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yet another WARM OVER to force you to upgrade to 60d/70d

Potemkin_Photo wrote:

I guess everybody's already pretty happy with the cams they have and with that degree of market saturation nobody's too excited about what comes next.

Yes, I'm content, but that is not the reason for the lack-luster response to your thread. Canon only release gradual evolution rather than a dramatic leap in technology. Sooner or later, everyone WISE UP to canon's method and curb their enthusiasm.

  • Canon 15mp T1i is handicapped by 1080p @20fps, and no MIC input

  • Canon T2i, is just a T1i with 1080p @30fps + MIC input + increase to 18mp

  • Canon T3i, is just a Canon T2i + Articulating LCD + Wireless Flash

Canon T4i will be yet another evolution warm-over. You will NOT see a dramatic jump in capability. It will not have the new AF from 7d. If you really want a super-rebel, you're better off buying a Canon 60d : (1) faster FPS (2) huge viewfinder (3) better egro. (4) larger buffer, etc....

Remember, canon isn't interested in cannibalization 60d/7d's sales. Whatever Canon T4i may be....it will be inferior to a 60d. That is just how canon rolls. A subtle reminder to force you to upgrade.

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