D400 - DX & FX Camera Lineup

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Re: D400 - DX & FX Camera Lineup

Well I don't know in USA but in europe the 5dmII is hugely popular since it dropped under the € 2,000 1 year or so ago, you see even amateur and younger ladies with it around the neck, it's on sale at €1,750-1,800 if you looking around (amazon ecc) the D700 is now at least €200 more when available and much less polular due avaibility and cost, it use to cost even more.

The market has spoken, a FF under $2,000 sell like hot cake, at 2,500 and up the sales drop off the cliff.

The Nikon need a FF near the €2,000 to compete and drive down the FF sensors' price.

I don't think that canon sell at loss the 5dmkII so a FF a 2,000 at launch isn't that impossible anymore, maybe with some more stripped feature (no body full magnesium).
The move to cut $500 from D700 list price is a clear signal in that direction.

A €3,000 D800 is a great camera but after the first 2-3 months rush the sales will simply vanished,it's simply too expensive for all except the Pros and rich peoples.

I D4 light ( lesser video features, lower fps, no grip, less connection) at 2,200 -2,300 early next year it's a move necessary or tons of loss sales, the Canon will sure keep the 5dmkII on sales if the new 5dmkIII will priced much higher.

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