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Re: Download a trial

I really appreciate all the information and suggestions.

Concerning CS4- I am definitely going to look into the beginners courses. I believe I would enjoy the interaction more than a how to book. With that said I will still look into the Dummies book as well. (If I can get it to read my RAW files.)

What I "think" I am looking for is a program that is a little more simplistic and user friendly than CS4. I want a program that will allow me to work with RAW photos from my 5n. I have tried updating Bridge, PS, and ACR. With the updates complete I have still had no success in viewing my RAW files. (I'm not saying these programs aren't compatible with the Nex 5n's RAW files. Just that I'm not having any luck). I'm going to post in the Nex forum to see if any users there have had success with these programs.

My needs are pretty basic. NR, Contrast, tonal, color saturation, exposure controls. I take a lot of low light photos that sometimes need to bumped up or pushed as far as visibility is concerned. I have just been using iphoto since I have gotten the 5n and the controls are limiting and the results are poor. And Im having to work with jpegs.

I was using ACR with my last camera. I was pretty happy with the results, but I wasn't crazy about the interface. That is one reason I was considering Lightroom. I also thought it might be easier to go from LR to PS, than another non-adobe product to PS.

My reason for buying CS4 was that I eventually wanted to start working with Layers.

I am not stuck on Adobe products, and if I can't get CS4 to recognize my RAW files I guess I can almost start from scratch. ( I know I can buy an update that is why I said almost.)

So with this list of rambling done. Im a true amateur. I take lots of low light landscapes and occasionally low light portraits. I am looking for a more simplistic style editor that lets me work with RAW files. One that lets me control basics like NR, exposure, contrast, tone, color saturation, color balance. I would also like it to be able to work with RAW layers, or be compatible with a program that lets me do this. I am going to start downloading free trials.

Thank you for your suggestions and anymore are greatly welcomed.

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