I'm skipping the D800 generation.

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Re: The majority want less MP

The setup or the premise of a poll matter. In this case, the implied choice is one of low light performance or better "resolution".

From actual data and physics (ie reality), we know that this is a false choice, because the actual one is between significantly better image quality (akin to a lens upgrade) all resolutions and very marginal noise difference.

This reality is also reflected by what Nikon knows, which is why they chose one over the other, acknowledge that the majority of customers would prefer quality.

By construction the dilemma for the poll taker in a certain way, it's easy to reach a preferred income. For example a poll choice between chicken and beef when the real choice is actually between veal and fried giblets.

moving_comfort wrote:

AgentHEX wrote:

Matstar wrote:

Not everyone thinks the same. There are votes for both sides so it can't be totally biased.

Can you clarify what the poll is supposed to represent? Does it mean that D700 owners are spoiled brats who throw a tantrum when they don't get what they want or they like to jump to conclusions with no facts on hand?

With over 18,000 responses as of right now, it probably represents an accurate measure of 'what Nikonians want', within about 2% margin for error. Most political pollsters would love to be able to work with a representative sample that large.

Nikon rumours is not a site with a readership likely to be skewed one way or another.

In other words, if your argument is that 'the people who wanted a mini-d4 are a vocal minority,' you would probably be wrong.

That said, the D800 is a remarkable technological achievement for the price, will be hard to find on shelves for months, and may represent a noticeable portion of Nikon's profit in 2012. A mini-D4, if it appears, should be/do similar things.

(Disclaimer - I voted in the survey - for the 36MP choice.)


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