NEX-7 First impressions from an X100 user

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NEX-7 First impressions from an X100 user

Last night I received my NEX-7, so today I slipped out of the office for a few minutes to take a couple of daylight pictures. Below is a super mini-review of my perceptions of the differences from the Fuji X100.

First of all, I really like the large grip. It is rubbery and gives a perfect grip on the camera, so that I am completely comfortable holding with one hand. I was worried that the camera would feel unbalanced with the larger lens than the X100, but I find that while it is different, it is easier to hold. So, large lens is compensated by nice grip. +1 NEX. For the looks of the camera itself, while it is modern looking (as compared with the Fuji), I think the look is original and classic in its own way. Way to go Sony.

Menus: well, I know that i have had it only a few hours, but I find them kind of confusing even next to the lousy Fuji menus. I never know what prerequisite option I need to enable another option :-(. I guess i will get more familiar, but the menus seem kind of crappy to me for an electronics company. -1 NEX (can't score fuji +1 because we all hate their menus ).

Viewfinder: I had big expectations with the Sony viewfinder, and frankly I was disappointed. It seems really grainy compared with the Fuji electronic viewfinder, and i prefer the Fuji optical over both. +1 Fuji Also, the eye sensor is so so slow on the NEX-7. At first I thought it wasn't working - but i guess i am impatient. On the X100, it switches so fast that it is seamless. +1 for Fuji. ... BUT there is something new over the Fuji with the Sony viewfinder that I really need now on my Fuji - not really the viewfinder, but firmware: that is, that settings changes are reflected in the output of the viewfinder and the lcd screen. +10 for NEX - EVERY LIVE VIEW CAMERA SHOULD WORK THIS WAY!

External controls: Tri-navi is really good, and I will probably grow to like it even more over time. I really wish that there would be an external switch for Manual/Autofocus. I like to use the camera in manual focus mode, but have a button to press to get autofocus - from my Pentax and Fuji days. This means that I have to put the camera into manual focus in the menu and use the AF/MF button to focus. Then no external switch to autofocus. Maybe I will learn how to do this later ... I am still liking the Fuji external controls that I can see the settings for directly on the camera without looking at the LCD. +1 Fuji

High ISO. I expected slightly worse from Sony than Fuji here, but I have to say that it is a little worse than i hoped with the Sony. But still pretty good. I find it about the same as my previous Pentax K-5. +1 Fuji - how do they get this amazing high iso?

Picture quality: too soon to tell, but I think that the Sony will deliver the goods here. I can clearly see more detail in the Sony shots (with the 1.8/24) over the X100 and that makes me happy. It seems like dynamic range is pretty good so far.

Overall, i am impressed with the NEX-7. I think this camera is a keeper. While I love the Fuji and will still keep it, sometimes you need lens options other than 35mm equivalent.

One of my first pictures from today:

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