Degree of narcissism is off the chart

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Degree of narcissism is off the chart

I have been to this forum mostly as a by-stander for a long time. Well, now I feel really have to rant otherwise I might end up go crazy.

Let me cut the cheese and spell it out for all these 'why D800 is not for me', 'I am skipping D800' losers: who gives a damn!! Please keep your narcissism to your bedroom.

My suggestion to all those 'I need low light' whiners is: go get a D4 and stop moaning and ruining other people's party.

If you cannot afford a D4, you have two choices:

a. Realize the fact that life sucks for you, and just suck it up and deal with it. Stop whining!

b. Work harder, and hopefully smarter, make more money to buy a D4. Stop whining and be happy!!

If D4 if too heavy to you, please go to gym and start to work on these muscles on your arms. It's good for your health and also help you take better pictures.

For these 'D800' requires better skills folks: please start to learn some basic photography skills first before posting, buy a good supporting system and a Nikon MC-20 also helps. If you are too cheap to buy them, please stop whining and realize the simple fact that the very function of the money is to bring you fun.

For these 'D800 will kill my computer' folks: please throw your 5 year old junkie to the trash can and buy a new computer, be happy and stop whining!! If you cannot afford buy a new one, please refer to above 'life sucks' or 'work harder and smarter' suggestion. If you are too cheap to buy a new one, refer to above 'function of money' suggestion.

Above all else, get a life and stop whining!

Have a good weekend.

Nikon D4 Nikon D800
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