E-pl3 to GF3, IQ comparison

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Re: E-pl3 to GF3, IQ comparison

Thanks for the helpful input guys.

@JeremyT - The zoom/tripod thing is probably the only thing that concerns me of all the limitations. Color signature and metering are better on the Oly but are good on the panasonic as well so it's not a big deal for me.

@kevdog, I wish it were that simple, I did exchange and try three different models before I took it to the service centre, examples of what I am talking about were also present and quite easily noticable to me on E-pl2, E-p2 and p3 images.

@jaywol, I can't see the images, they are set to private but I have been looking around elsewhere.

From a handful of images I've seen on flickr and other review sites what I've noticed is the amount of grain visible on images even below 400iso. Not such a problem for daytime shots but indoor and low light might not be so good. I'm still looking around for examples but it looks like I may have to pass up on the 4/3 format for now.

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