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Re: Alternatives to the X10

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, I wish I could get me a new camera just like that. My budget unfortunately does not allow me such expense right now... at least not without selling or trading my faithful S90...

I love the Canon but I also like to change and try new things. All this talk about the X10 is interesting and while some viewpoints are positive and other negative, I did see quite some magnificient photos taken with such camera... I think it would be nice to check it out for myself, that's all...

Luego wrote:

Carlodpr wrote:

Wow, interesting to read all the answers. I for one am curious about this X10 camera. Never had any Fuji but have a couple of Canons. In fact I have a Canon S90 which I used and really like. But I am really wondering how different it would be from the X10... in fact I would not mind trading my S90 for an X10 just to try...

And no, I am not even kidding. I know noone would do such a trade...

But I would like to try the X10 with my own hands...

Hi Carlodpr,

I have both the X10 and X100, see previous message and I would recommend to visit your local cam store and find out. Perhaps even buy it, just make sure they have an acceptable return policy.

Coming from Pentax and Panasonic, my initial experiences were very positive with Fuji cams.

Good luck!


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