G1X doubts at Trusted Reviews

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Re: G1X doubts at Trusted Reviews

ispress wrote:

I'm not disagreeing that many (maybe even most) reviews are rubbish, but you still haven't answered my question about which sites you would consider trustworthy. For instance, Popular Photography just released an extensive review of the G1X and they really liked it. Are they definitive?

I think my point was that I don't find any review, taken by itself, definitive. Part of my job involves movie reviewing. I do three movie reviews for broadcast a week. I try to assess films as honestly as I can, and with the benefit of my knowledge of cinema, but I know I want some things from a movie (as maybe from a camera) that other people don't. People who listen to my reviews should try to work out where my general outlook agrees with theirs and where it doesn't.

I am HIGHLY focused on IQ for instance, so if many of these reviews say it has great IQ but some usability issues, I will almost invariably give the usability issues a downgrade and the IQ an upgrade. So I think critics, of any kind, have to be viewed with my own critical faculties.

For me the problem comes when reviews are posted in these forums as "argumentum ad verecundiam" or argument from authority.

This can be done either by fans or by people who urgently hunt down a bad review to bad mouth a model they already took a position against before a single reviewer had hands on it.

There is NO review site that, as a single source, I would trust so much I would suspend my own judgement. And my example of the X10, regarding which only a handful of review sites have highlighted a MAJOR flaw, was meant to show why.

"Chasseur des images" (if I spelled it right) is not bad though.

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