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Re: Not Sick of "reviews" - More is good.

I understand the point you're trying to make, but taken literally your statement "the more the better" is based on a false premise. Saying that each review potentially offers some new piece of information might be correct, but getting a new piece of information while also being presented with incomplete or incorrect information will send novices into a tailspin of confusion. I understand that people posting around here may be novices and that's why I made my statement in the first place. It's like a kid found something that might be pertinent to a discussion and throws it in the ring for discussion, proud that they found something new. Unfortunately that clutters things up and if someone doesn't make some meaning out of whatever review is posted then new people will end up reading it and thinking it is more important than it really is.

It just gets old after a while, that's all. It reminds me of talking to my dad when he was looking for a camera. "I read somewhere that this camera is better than that camera and this limitation is a big problem but some other camera doesn't have that limitation" and I had to correct the damage a bunch of ignorant reviewers had done. Way too much editorializing in today's "news" or, in this case "reviews".

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