Which Lenses for D800

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Re: Which Lenses for D800

My understanding of using high megapixel sensors says that the exact opposite is true. You need higher performing lens when the pixel size shrinks - which is how Nikon got to the 36 megapixels they achieved.

I don't have the reference in front of me right now. If I can find it when I get off work I will post more information. It has to do with the size of the cirlce of confusion. My recollection was that if the circle of confusion produced by the lens is larger than the pixel size you lose contrast. Stopping the lens down, brings in diffraction effects. So you end up being limited in the apertures sizes you can use.

I'm not an optics engineer, but the take away I had is smaller pixel size / larger megapixels = harder to find lens with the performance you need for optimal sharpness and contrast.

Here's someone other information:


AgentHEX wrote:

You should probably take note that the D800 will also improve sharpness/contrast with your existing lenses. Unless you don't have FX lenses it might be better to wait and see if what you have is good enough.

IOW, if the D800 improves your system MTF by 20-30% or whatever, paying thousands extra for another 10-20% MTF boost may not be necessary.

Digitek wrote:

I am really interested to know what you guys would recommend for a new set of lenses for the D800 (Wide, Telephoto). If you had two lenses to buy (W,T), which ones would you go for?


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