Storage solution using PDA

Started Dec 24, 2002 | Discussions thread
Bruce M. Contributing Member • Posts: 532
Re: Storage solution using PDA


Thanks. I want to share my enthusiam that I've discovered using the PDA solution. It's really like using a minature computer with all the file display and managing advantages inherent. It's not the cheapest solution or the simplest, but it is unquestionably the most complete. The hardware boxes look like dumb appliances in comparison.

I also have found Jeff to be as helpful; he integrated Nikon 5000 .NEF viewing into PocketLoupe simply by my suggestion and implemented it into the latest release within days of me sending sample .NEF files to him. I understand the author of Photogenics (PDA mini-Photoshop) is equally responsive. This concept is starting to take off and really shine.

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