G1X doubts at Trusted Reviews

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Thank you.

I don't think some people appreciated my likening such reviews to digital vomit. Maybe I should have gone with a spin on my mother's favorite "diarrhea of the mouth" and said digital diarrhea???

In the electronic age we're in it is very cheap and very easy for everyone to have an opinion, and if that's put on web page and labeled "review" that seems to be good enough for many people.

People do the same thing with email. It's so easy to type up an email people send every thought they have, or thoughts others have in the form of forwards, to everyone they know. Maybe Facebook has reduced this a little bit, but then Facebook just become MentalVomitBook.com....or DiarrheaoftheBrainBook.com. I think everyone knows this is true on some level since websites refuse to put a "dislike" button anywhere.....or a question "Was this helpful?". I appreciate the few who do, like Amazon. I'd be glad to have voting buttons in these forums even if it meant I got more dislikes than likes or more no's than yes's.

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