Nikon D7000 18-105 or Canon 60D 18-200 for beginner

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Re: Nikon D7000 18-105 or Canon 60D 18-200 for beginner

Amin Nosr wrote:

Yes dear friend, I made my decision to buy nikon d7000, but unfortunately it's not in stock in Malaysia where I live. So, I'm waiting for new stock arrival with kit lens 18-105. I book my order and once get it, I will ask many questions from all your experts. Thank you.

If you haven't bought D 7000 yet, I suggest you to have a re-look. Though D 7000 is an excellent performer it has lot limitation of options in Live View (which you will find in the net). It lags in operations compared to Canon's. ISO setting in D 7000 is cumbersome. Unless you shoot in very low light conditions D 7000 doesn't have any marked advantage over 60 D in image quality.

60 D is more balanced between still and video options. There is absolutely no difference in image quality in low ISOs (i.e. less than 1600) between 60 D and D 7000. Magic Lantern has brought in better still and video options for 60 D. Above all, I understand that it is available for less than 750 Dollers !!

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