Asked to leave, for "looking" too professional?

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Re: Asked to leave, for "looking" too professional?

I agree - people are way too stupid about being photographed, and paranoia is ridiculously prominent.

I wonder how Google Earth gets away with photographing all the buildings in a town, just by driving round the place photographing all the buildings. Why, if I was some sort of bomber or crazed terrorist organisation member, I would just tap the address into good old Google Earth, and in a few moments, be able to see the building. I could guess access to it, and if really needed, go there and under some pretext, walk in and secretly film or photograph wherever I needed.

The idiots who run public parks here need to get real - I am a middle-aged photographer, who went into my local park last summer to photograph the flowers, and was interrupted by two attendents who questioned me about what I was doing, and why I was photographing in a park where children were playing on some swings etc.

I was shocked that they would assume any wrong motivation, and more so when I discovered that a concerned parent had phoned the police to report me, but had not even bothered to talk to me over the concern.

Similarly, I took as superwide shot sequence of the sea and beach one day, and cycled home, stopping to take a shot of a house front with two or three boats parked outside. No-one appeared to be in the house. I was just about finished, when a car drew up, and a chap who turned out to be an off-duty policeman, asked If I was photographing his children, who, it proved, to have been playing nearby on the beach. Again, I was shocked, and showed him the photos I had taken, and asked him about why he was concerned.

He explained that pedophiles are interested in images of children to fantasize about, and it doesn't apparently, need to be close up - I couldn't imagine what the interest would be, and don't really want to know. I find it offensive that people would imagine such things of me. I can't imagine what future photographs of the seaside town will be like - anything with a person on will be forbidden, and include a child in a photo, and it will be a jailable offense, I imagine. Strange, unpopulated beaches, deserted seafronts, no photograph including a human being, seems to be the future. I took some inside a shopping centre one day, where the architecture was amazing, and a security guard came and complained. I find the best thing now, is to go and talk to the manager of the centre, explain what you are doing, and then the guards can be informed, and then when they check, they find you are allowed. I photographed Buckingham Palace and had no hassle at all, but the local high street is becoming a no-man's land

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