Using legacy lenses, what mount has the best ones ??

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Re: Exif data on manual lens pictures

453C wrote:

GuptaD42 wrote:

Shooting with a manual lens in aperture priority mode,

and if I have input the lens focal length into the camera (on the IS parameters screen),
does E-PL1 save these details to the exif data?

No. See Tedolf's wedding photos for an example of what you'll get. If EXIF is really important, I believe you'll need to enter the data manually via an EXIF editor.

I had recently picked up a Minolta 50mm f1.4 and waiting for the adapter to arrive. Thinking of using it mainly for candid portraits and/or indoors.

Sounds like a good lens for the job.

Actually, seeing the data on Tedolf's shots prompted my question. I was thinking that since the camera has the required information, it will be saved into the image exif data. It's not as if the body/firmware has to do anything extra!

I like knowing what I was doing to get the shot. Having the exif data in the file is the easy way to recall this later. I doubt if I'll go to the trouble of manually recording it for every shot. Maybe just a few important ones.

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