No D400 talk?

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Re: No D400 talk?

Simon Garrett wrote:

  • FF will remain more expensive to make for the next few years at least, as FX sensors are much more expensive than DX. This contributes over $1000 in extra retail cost, according to Thom Hogan recently. (Obviously the makers might not choose to pass all this on in retail price.)

  • FF lenses are bigger, heavier and more expensive (can be more than twice as expensive for comparable reach and quality). Some of my lenses are DX, and I'd need to spend more than $2000 on lenses alone if I went to FF. (And I have fairly cheap lenses.)

  • We're an a poor economic climate where consumers have less money to spend, and this is unlikely to improve substantially for several years.

Can you give me names and addresses of these rich people jumping to FF please? I'm wondering if they might lend me some money

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Yes, I'm talking about that the new D400 will be D7100 or whatever nikon will call it, The D7000 lack only a full solid body, a bigger buffer Vs D300s class.

About the AF I don't see it like a step down from D300s, even Thom Hogan thinks so, 51 Vs 39 is not a big deal, both have 15 cross point, yes first batches of D7000 had poor AF calibration with a lot of backfocus, but when the AF works it works great. It's not on the same league of D3s ok, but even so the AF on D300s.
The next D7000 must improve again VS D7000 but where ?

Add a bigger buffers, a improve body costruction you get the D400 that you've awaiting for and call it D7100/8000

Produce another body that improve over the d7000 only the buffer and the body costruction is a wastle.

About the lens, the 70-200 F 2.8 is the same one that a lot of people attach on D300s, the 85s, 50s, 300 f/4, 70-300 are all the same FF lens used on DX.
so what ?
I don't see it like a problem at all.

A D800 in DX will cost well over 2,000 with the D7000 a 1,300, do you think that the people will get in lines for buy it Vs buying a D4 light for maybe 2-300 bucks more ?
I don't thinks so.

At times of D300s/D90, the D90 was a clear downgrade from d300s, no MUP no Dual slot, only plastic ,only 4.5 fps, ecc,
D7000 is much more and too close on D300s.

I can see a Nikon the throw out a Pro body DX like D400, nothing less. it make sense maybe, I've saw much more people with the 5dmkII that 7D, even with the 7D much cheaper and with a better AF that 5D. With the 5d under the 2,000 the people can't resist.

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