Where has the euphoria about the OM-D sensor come from?

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Louis_Dobson wrote:

Quite. With any luck at all the next generation of Panny sensors will combine the two technologies, keeping us all more or less happy.

I don't think that the column ADC architecture is trivial to get working well. Although simple in concept, it relies on very precise timing and signal phasing, the sort of thing that requires prototyping as well as simulation to get right. In Sony's case, you can track the improvement from the very earliest EXMORs used in camcorders, to the stage it was good enough for DSLR use (D300, A700) through to where it has become the best in the business. That has been from a process of continuous refinement and I would guess not inconsiderable investment.

That seems to have been Sony Semiconductor's strategy, utilise the investment that their big volumes make possible to gain a substantial technological lead over their rivals.

It's possible that Panasonic has a column ADC arrangement open to them, but Sony has patented their rather elegant way of integrating correlated double sampling into it.

As for pipelined ADC's - there is little point combining that with the column ADC. The pipelined ADC is a popular architecture for high speed ADC's, but the point of the column ADC architecture is that the ADC's don't have to be high speed. Moreover, the column ADC really demands a very simple ADC (it has to be fabricated in less than a pixel width for any feasible chip layout) which the pipelined ADC isn't.

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