No D400 talk?

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Re: No D400 talk?

With FF body approacing $2000 (currently 5DMkII is even cheaper, D700 isn't far away where available) a DX body at $1,800-$1,900 isn't so interesting, because the people that used to buy the D300/D300s are looking to jump at FF every day more.

You can buy a D700 and use with Dx lens at the very end.

Maybe without the flood, a D400 introduced last summer could be still a good move, but today with the expansion of FF, with the d7100/d8000 not so distant I can't a lot of reason to introduce another DX body at the top with also the mirrorless on the rise in $450-800 range eating sales of cheaper DSLR body, I can see a D7000 with improved buffer, AF, 8 fps, with the new 24Mpx APC, maybe with full magnesium body, at $1,500-1,600 like the new top DX body, and a bifrier D5200 next summer to complement better the nikon lineup.
The D5100 and D3100 are too close in street price today only $150.

I see a D4 ligth, with 16 Mpx or a 24Mpx slotted at $2,300-2,500 like the new stop gap in between D7000 and D800.

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