what about a D700s?

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Re: I also see it this year....

Petruska wrote:

According to Tom Hogan's survey of 20K, D700 upgraders, it was a 50-50 split on wanting the current D800 and D700S (mini-D4).

Nikon marketing is not that dumb (well I think they aren't) that they would let all the mini-D4 sales go away.

Nikon would know that:

  • a high proportion of those expressing an opinion would never have upgraded anyway, it's much less costly to vent than actually shell out for a new camera.

  • Another big proportion of those giving an opinion based on false ideas and misinformation about how the camera actually performs will end up buying the D800, despite their current opinion.

  • Given that Canon is making a 'D700s', had Nikon made one too, they would have faled to pick up all the Canon users who believe that the D800 is close to the ideal camera.

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