D800 Operation System

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You're close, Luke...

Luke Kaven wrote:

noneyabidnis wrote:

What kind of OS is the D800 going to be running? Is there any talk about perhaps making an App store available for it?

Not to sidetrack the schtick too much, but I think it runs an OS from Fujitsu. It used to be that Nikon was using 32 bit Fujitsu processors, but I'm not positive what the latest cameras are using.

It runs micro ITRON, an OS developed as part of the TRON project sponsored by several Japanese universities, electronics companies, and software companies.

The processors are SPARC derivatives, and the Fujitsu compiler you need to develop on them is big $$$. It's nothing like developing for Android, or even iOS.

But keep in mind that the OP doesn't care about any of that. He's just trying to ask as many truly stupid questions (cleverly engineered to be almost unimaginably stupid) as possible, in an attempt to disrupt this forum as much as possible. He's also bumping old threads, again for no other purpose than to disrupt the forum.

Somewhere in between troll and cyberterrorist, I'd say.

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