Anyone upgrading from D700?

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Re: Upgrading to what?

I got a very good deal on a used D3...had been checking out a D2H with a couple Nikon lens and still had all my Oly stuff.

One test of the D3 in the parking lot behind my house of a guy learning to ride a motorcycle dusk around 30 to 35 mph with every frame dead nuts on at 9 fps was enough for me to sell every piece of Olympus kit I had.

The D3 was / is just amazing...I look forward to the D800 for pano's with wide angle lens and a more "patient" approach to scenics...should be interesting.

The D3 and even the Olympus stuff met almost all my needs but the AF of the Nikon is in another world for continuous especially...just doesn't slow down and nails it each and every time.

I had the D700 for a very short time...more to just check out the size. I think it's going to be great with a prime or two in the bag and one on it of course!

Hopefully, I'll get a chance or two with it and the 200f4 micro also.

Good luck with getting the D700. The one thing it seems to me at least looking at FM the D700 hasn't taken a great "hit" on price because the D800 is so different. Had the D800 been just a few more MP's maybe the D700 would have taken a larger we get closer to release I'd expect the used price to drop some more though. Only time will tell how much though.

Good luck,


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