G1X doubts at Trusted Reviews

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Re: G1X doubts at Trusted Reviews

ispress wrote:

Blunt Instrument wrote:

Who would trust a mob who call themselves "Trusted Reviews"?

Can all the G1X supporters please tell us, in advance, which websites you consider to be authoritative for photography reviews? Seems like every time a review comes out, G1X owners say, "yeah, but that website doesn't count."

Good question. I would prefer that those that disagree with the review give counterpoints as opposed to attacking the site or reviewer. It seems every time someone disagrees with a review, they attack the reviewer and/or site without ever giving any valid counterpoints. This is not limited to the G1X either.

For my part, the G1X is not a camera for me. The reasons mirror many of the negative aspects of several reviews (price, size, slow lens, etc.). However, I do not dispute the positives that reviews have mentioned such as excellent IQ, great ISO performance, etc. I wish people could be a little more tempered in their opinions instead of all or nothing.

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