G1X doubts at Trusted Reviews

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Re: G1X doubts at Trusted Reviews

GaryJP wrote:

ispress wrote:

Blunt Instrument wrote:

Who would trust a mob who call themselves "Trusted Reviews"?

Can all the G1X supporters please tell us, in advance, which websites you consider to be authoritative for photography reviews? Seems like every time a review comes out, G1X owners say, "yeah, but that website doesn't count."

Why do you divide the world into "supporters" and otherwise? What is the opposite of a "supporter" and are you one?

I find this kind of tribal thinking strange.

I am a G1X USER . I am also an X10, GX1, and GF2 user in compacts (as well as most of the earlier Canon G series). The camera is a tool that has made design compromises, as they all must. It works superbly for me, in my shooting situations. The X10, for example, has a sensor flaw, which limits its use considerably. The S100 you like so much is also, I think, a wonderful camera.

May I ask which movie critic you trust so 100% thoroughly that you will let his or her judgement override your own experience of the movie? What if he or she doesn't like romantic comedies and you do?

One normally takes reviewers as one finds them. Some would praise gold plated dog mess if it had one label on it over another (I know at least two who are gaga over EVERY Nikon product, and likewise for Canon), and the scrupulous user of reviews knows this.

I'm not disagreeing that many (maybe even most) reviews are rubbish, but you still haven't answered my question about which sites you would consider trustworthy. For instance, Popular Photography just released an extensive review of the G1X and they really liked it. Are they definitive?

As for my own feelings, I was on the fence about buying a G1X and even had a pre-order in on Amazon at one point. I think it's a fine camera that will only get better with each new generation. I currently find it a tad overpriced and underspeced, but that's just me. I completely understand why others would buy one.

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