G1X doubts at Trusted Reviews

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Re: G1X doubts at Trusted Reviews

ispress wrote:

Blunt Instrument wrote:

Who would trust a mob who call themselves "Trusted Reviews"?

Can all the G1X supporters please tell us, in advance, which websites you consider to be authoritative for photography reviews? Seems like every time a review comes out, G1X owners say, "yeah, but that website doesn't count."

Ya see the problem at least for me is that this was an opinion not a review. There was no objective data given at all, just the spec data. The pics they took from another web site. I would like some objective data in a review. Go look at the DPR and Pop Photo reviews, I really hope you can see the difference. Just so ya know I do have a G1X ( for 2 weeks now) and really like, its going with me next week on vacation and the 7D with the 2.8 zooms will stay home


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