There must be something wrong with my X100...

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Re: You've had it less than one day?

Yes indeed. Or quite some people on this forum are not so much photographers as they pretend to be or potentially they might have other intensions, very likely to destroy the image of some companies. It's not only about the X100, look at some comments on other brands as well, I sometimes doubt they have even really touched the camera's where they are speaking about. Very frustrating, but that's how forums like this work.

The X100 is not exactly a point and shoot camera, it was also not put on the market this way. If you want to do so, there are other brands, much better serving the mirrorless market for the 'once in a while on a sunday afternoon' photographers. I fully agree it requires a fair knowledge and experience and what you get in return is an excellent prime 35mm lens (don't start the discussion that there is better, there surely is) and sensor.

The discussions about the AF are exaggerated, I will never say this can not be improved, but it is nothing more or less than how a AF-focus system works in this type of camera's. I've seen a lot worse, EVEN in DSLR's. It isn't flashing fast, but that is not really the vocation of this camera. This camera is typically intended for landscape and street-photography, as a solid back-up for a DSLR, for creative, artistic pictures whatsoever, but not for sports, neither for performing weddings. That you will not be able to use a X100 for expensive photo-shoots: this wouldn't be acceptable for a D7000 or 7D as well.

Concerning the menu system, as always you need to know very carefully what the effect of each setting is. I don't even understand where the fuzz is about, these are all very obvious settings, clearly understandable with the aid of the manual, not the tons of 'nice to have' stuff you can find in many consumer DSLR's nowadays. My DSLR has a multitude of really stupid menu settings that I don't even WANT to know what they mean.

An experienced photographer can make razor-sharp, perfectly balanced pictures with the X100. That's exactly the reason why quite a few of them have an X100 in their pocket when they are not on a professional mission .

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