Once Again, Why Jump Ship?

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Once Again, Why Jump Ship?

The previous thread was too full to post so I have to assert my stance here. Assuming you purchase the holy trinity from each brand plus their flag-ship mid-range FF DSLR, you would pay exactly $500 more for Canon assuming the 5D3 does come out at that price. Here is the breakdown without rebates...

Nikon 24-70 vs Canon 24-70II
Price: 1900 vs 2400

-No tests have been done on the new Canon 24-70 so we cannot compare image quality. However, the Canon is lighter and smaller though that still does not justify the 400 price increase IMO. If the Canon performs significantly better in image quality, the winner would be Canon.
Winner: Nikon

Nikon 70-200 vs Canon 70-200II
Price: 2400 vs 2400
-Canon is sharper hands down and performs better especially on FF bodies.
Winner: Canon

Nikon 14-24 vs Canon 16-35II
Price: 2000 vs 1600

-Nikon is sharper and has less distortion. The best wide angle zoom. Worth $500 more IMO.
Winner: Nikon

Nikon D800 vs Canon 5DII
Price: 3000 vs 3500 (assumed)

-No valid full proof data exists for the 5DIII including the price or features. No accurate data exists for the D800 performance though price and features are firm.
Winner: N/A

So, combined, you would end up paying 500 more for the WHOLE system for Canon and not enough evidence exists to conclusively decide which is the victor. Whether you are with Nikon or Canon I just do not see why people are making the fuss to jump ship. I did not include flashes or primes since peoples preferences tend to change drastically when it comes to lighting and specialty lenses. However, the holy trinity is world renown as the bread and butter of professionals around the world. I'm no pro, but I have been to several weddings and all pros that I have seen including the one at my wedding have the holy trinity.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Canon EOS 5D Mark III Nikon D800
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