D7000 + 35mm/1.8 - what AF correction do you use?

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Re: D7000 + 35mm/1.8 - what AF correction do you use?

I was disappointed with soft images without fine tuning the lens on a d7000. I jumped to -20 and found acceptable results.

I'm suprised the lens needed that much correction. And, because I hit the limit on how much the lens could be corrected, I am wondering if it could get even sharper?

Also, I hope I fine tuned the lens for a universal range of subjects. This was more for full body portraits, at f/1.8-2.8.

I don't want to have to re-tune the lens every time I shoot a different subject.

I have little experience with this, as most lenses have worked on my other Nikons without adjustment...

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