Canon Rumors CLAIMS this is the final specs.

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Re: TROLL: i've met a few already via bait msgs from others joining just a few weeks

ukat123 wrote:

I have seen a lot of trolling, but mate, you are the champion!! So many drivels. Not a single statement makes any sense.

You obviously talk about equipment you don't have and don't know anything about.

if it's over your head, then maybe you don't know anything, it's not me.

At best you have an iphone and want to talk about pro equipment.

that may be what you have, but if not, and you want to talk about pro equipment, you might even have, and STILL not know the differences between dSLRs.

Whatever. Go on dreaming and discussing things you don't understand. You are most probably a very lonely person seeking to have some sort of attention.

most likely those who fill these forums with the same repeated thread... cr3 repeated multiple times now on Canon forums. are like that.
but why attack me?
why not attack the cluttering of threads with repetitive bait ?

Perhaps one day your dream will come true and you will get one of these cameras.

no dream to have something i already have. if i didn't have any dSLR, the 5DMkIII so far, is the only FF in its prosumer class. even Nikon folks have been yearning for one, a D700 update, but it hasn't materialized in the way they wanted. the D800 isn't it. and the D800 isn't a D4 or D3 series. Nikon have nothing in the same category, even if Nikoners want it.

Then you can come back to the forum and asks us advise on how to use a shutter, etc.

when you get over your ignorance, maybe you can ask me how to use a D4/D3/D3s/D3x, if you have one, even though I only need to have a Rebel 1100 to show you, or a PowerShot G1 to G1X to do the same... but instead, i'd rather use either my 5DMkII to do so (my only realistic alternative would be a 5DX, where it follows the 1Dx, which i cannot afford)... and yes, even a 5DMkIII (or whatever they call it in the end, will more than suffice)

you couldn't teach anything new to a Canon EOS LV dSLR master using a D700/D800... because it lacks the same features (available on the D3/D4 level Nikons).

We will be happy to help, as pro equipment can be intimidating at times compared to your iphone.

it bothers you... that what i am sharing is factual... and all you can do is appeal to a 'focus free' hi-dof iphone? seriously... you are desperate too.

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