G1X SD Card Write Speed -- Photos

Started Feb 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: G1X SD Card Write Speed -- Photos

Thank you.

It sucks that the only benefit fast cards offer in compacts is faster downloads. I can't wait to get my G1 X but can't believe it's no faster than my too-damn-slow S90.

I think this is the last generation of this complacency. Rumors suggest the iPhone camera - the world's most popular - is about to get fast. That'll mean even lower sales of compacts if they don't raise their game.

The G1 X should be better. Given its price-point the m4/3 and Nikon competition are either fast (the PENS) or insane (the Nikon).

Still, my 105MB/s 64 GB will be there when they get better.

Is the CHDK project going to target the G1 X? If so can this be worked on?

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