HELP! Need advice on the right camera for CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY

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Re: HELP! Need advice on the right camera for CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY

Right, my best advice would be to have a long zoom compact.

Sure its not a big sensor, but in the UK the staff can be rather switched on about camera types.

Also you find many of the long zoom compacts tend to have bright lenses, so you can get away with alot.

Out of the list you have, I would avoid anything that looks 'professional' as that triggers alarm bells.

The small olympus and panasonic cameras should be fine, matched with a pancake will be great for the small size. The canon might be a good advantage, its compact, fixed lens and good zoom.
The fuji sounds good, but I would expect the canon to produce a better outcome.

As for the nikon, for this situation I would push it away. The performance in low light, although good, doesnt hold up against the panasonic, olympus or canon options.

If you want a camera you can change lenses with, the olympus or panasonic will be amazing. The performance and quality of these cameras will be worth while.

If you dont want to buy another lens but still want the large sensor. Go for the canon.
As for the others, I cant see you being upset if you were to buy them.

I am speaking from working with the Olympus E-PL3, E-P1 and E-30 in these situations. The E-PL3 works well and the focus assist will need to be turned off to avoid being noticed, this shouldnt cause a problem as it should focus well without it. The E-P1 manages to focus well, although not the fastest.
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