G1X SD Card Write Speed -- Photos

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Re: G1X SD Card Write Speed -- Photos

SanDisk Extreme Pro (95MB/s): 21 seconds.
SanDisk Extreme III (30MB/s): 21 seconds.
SanDisk: Ultra II (15MB/s): 22 seconds.

So, basically one second per shot, shooting RAW+Large JPG.

The only difference I saw with the slowest card was that the "Busy" bar appeared several times, but it still only took a second or two more to shoot 20 frames.

Thanks for that information.

I've always thought those Sandisk Ultra cards are good value for money - I have several.

However, both the Ultra series and the 'regular' (blue cased) cards are both rated as "Class 4", I'm curious as to whether there is a measurable difference in write speeds between the two of those.
Any takers?

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