Where has the euphoria about the OM-D sensor come from?

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Re: Where has the euphoria about the OM-D sensor come from?

Thanks for the kind words, rrr_hhh, really appreciated. Unfortunately the day was cloudy so it was nearly impossible to find high contrast scenes to test the camera with. I hope to be able to shoot with a production OM-D E-M5 soon in a bright, sunny day.

Thanks again. Best,

Emanuele Chiocchio

rrr_hhh wrote:

Olympus has set a blackout on the diffusion of
1) raws,
2) pictures bigger than 1600 pixels in the largest dimension
3) diffusion of EXIF data.

This was asked f all the participants to the Amsterdamer event. As far as I know, only one participant broke the rule and issued downloadable raws pictures, a French participant. But he tools them down after some times. I guess he had to comply with Olympus directives.

This here is the most extensive ISO testing I have seen untill now, but it is 1600 jpegs. and given the overcast weather, you are not going to see any contrasty pictures from this event. The Italian guy who shot the pictures tried to pick up dark parts, but IMO, it s lacking well lighted parts


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