100X Love at first click!

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Re: 100X Love at first click!

Number 4 makes me dizzy!

But yes, it's optically a great camera and if the dynamic range in Provia or B&W mode wasn't enough, it even allows you to expand it via hardware in the EXR sensor itself. I still have an easy time forgetting that since I'm not used to these features. There are more features I like too, like the 12 MP that wasn't bumped to "sell" so that it has a great high ISO performance and remains sharp even when pixel-peeping.

The out-of-camera JPG's look great and I'm for the first time moving from RAW for the bulk of my images.

I'm basically only annoyed by the focusing sometimes, especially indoors / low-light and when shooting fairly close to your subjects, as in 1 meter away or so. But the latest firmware (1.13) is said to help with this in AF-S mode, although being an undocumented fix. It's installed and ready - I just haven't had time to shoot much lately to check.

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