Now at least give us other X10 firmware improvements

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Re: Now at least give us other X10 firmware improvements

Kaiserpix wrote:

Dear Fujifilm, now that we know, there's no fix to the white discs with (yet), can you at least give us some other, overdue X 10 firmware improvements, please? Some buyers are seriously p*$$€d off. How about a nice make-good gesture?

Many other things can be improved, to really turn this camera into the great street shooter and premium P&S it is meant to be:

1. M Mode with Auto-ISO should not ignore EV compensation wheel setting (currently chooses ISO to reach 0EV comp.)

2. M Mode should give an exposure simulation preview (why do only PAS modes preview exposure compensation?)

3. AFL button can be set to perform focus & lock with one click (Not first pre-focus and the lock. Give us the one click thumb focus we all love from our DSLRs)

4. Allow to use flash in burst mode, flash only fires on first frame. (Quickly flip up the flash, get the shot, push it back down and continue burst shooting, no need to change drive mode twice.)

5. Make DOF Scale values in MF indicator more precise, currently way too conservative.

6. Add access to EXR settings directly in PASM raw modes

7. Wheel turns should be included in keypad lock, not just the four-way buttons (When street shooting with zone focus MF the focus changes too easily.

8. Include flash compensation in Fn button options (at least move it up in the menu)

9. Make "Favorites" view in image review optional or move to the right. Few people probably use it and always have to pass it to get to "Detailed Information" view.

10. Allow X multiple exposures every Y seconds in self-timer mode

11. Add second curtain flash sync option, if technically possible

12. Introduce a real My Menu mode (to RAW button?) which allows to pick from most menu items.

13. Show total number of photos taken in review mode behind image number e.g. 29/138.

14. WB setting incandescent should follow cloudy in order to be accessed with fewer clicks (currently below the less frequently used fluorescent values)

Some of these changes could of course be only optional custom settings.

(I have included some points from this thread: )

Who else here has points to add?


  • White balance not correctly reflected. Should be WYSIWYG.

  • "Shutter speed+ aperture" ratio under P mode.

  • Make the AF more reliable. Failed to AF at times when it should.

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