Camera for best dynamic range in wedding.

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Re: Camera for best dynamic range in wedding.

DUMB4SS wrote:

I don't know how you personally shoot, but I usually shoot manually and spot meter for skin or a mid tone, although if it is tricky lighting, I may meter off the dress +1.5 to 2 stops, so small areas may blow, but the majority is almost white but retains detail.

You could try ADL on your Nikon, but this is only useful if you process in Capture NX2.

It also underexposes the capture, and so increases noise if you shoot in the usual pitch black venues.

Personally, I would say if keeping the dress highlights is important to you, then manually spot meter off the dress adjusting it up by +- 2 stops until you are happy that you can nail the whites 90% of the time.

I should add that I use the back button for focus, so it doesn't go wild when I'm metering.

Good luck.

-Thank you again my friend.

-That's the way almost i use to exposure, we have also a problem in Greece with the weddings as this happen in night so we have to use a flash in many situations and that is more tricky for camera with lower dynamic range.

-When i tray the d7000 with flash is much worse than without, as they underexpose to keep whites under control, but that give a flat image when i open the mid tone in photoshop..

-Don't you think the Fuji have all the white under control, but what is good in this camera its smooth roll-of between high light and mid tones, something that i cant see in Nikon witch have a complete holes...
-Anyway thank you again.

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